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Where in the world did you get that shirt? (Student of the Week)

"I just wanted to share how I incorporate my student of the week and social studies/geography skills. Each Friday I let the current student of the week select a name out of a hat for the next week. I give the student a "t-shirt" pattern with several questions on it (i.e. location, latitude, longitude, surrounding states, weather, special features of the area, etc.). The student completes the sheet and returns it on Monday. They bring in a t-shirt and pictures (if possible) from their special trip or favorite place. I try to encourage students to bring in a t-shirt that is from another state, but of course I don't require that it be from another state. I also allow the student to make word balloons to add comments about their trip or favorite place. The student shares this trip or experience with the class. All of the students really enjoyed this student of the week. Also, I was able to add other information about the geography of the place.

CONTRIBUTOR: Jon Strube, IN, grade 4

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