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‘Tis the Season for Fundraising
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The festive mood is all around; the bells are ringing, the snow is falling, and your school needs to raise $5,000 to fund its next activity! How can your students raise money while the rest of the world is running around, scrambling to make preparations for the upcoming holiday season?

Rather than trying to stop what people are doing and ask them to devote some of their attention and their money to your cause, why not help make their own holiday tasks a little easier by offering them some of the products they need? This can be done easily with specialty holiday fundraising brochures that offer many of the items your supporters will be out buying anyway. Items such as gift-wrap, decorations, specialty gifts and chocolates are all available, often at prices lower than what can be found in stores.

The fundraiser is what’s called an "Order-Taker" program, with your students taking orders from supporters, while the orders are processed and shipped to their door by the brochure company. An added bonus to this campaign is that your students won’t have to lug heavy boxes of chocolates door-to-door in the snow (or rain) and the cold.

So this season, consider giving your supporters what they want, and in return get the money that you need, with a simple and profitable brochure campaign. After all, ‘tis the season for giving!


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