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Get Organized with OTTER!

Here's a multi-function notebook that can be used in all grades. We've dressed it up with graphics and a blank calendar page to download and print.

Download PDF's - Book Covers | Calendar sheets

OTTER is an acronym for "Organizational Tools Teach Everyone Responsibility". This is something many teachers have been starting to use with their students. They use it to help students be more organized, to keep in contact with parents, to encourage students, and to keep up with school dates and activities. The binder would go home each afternoon to show parents.

Here's how it works….

Start out at the beginning of the year with a three-ring binder for every student. Included in each one would be:

  • Calendar
    • Containing weekly assignments
    • Important dates
    • Book due dates
    • Teacher Conference meetings
    • Reading assignments
    • Box for parents to initial to show that they have seen the notebook
  • Newsletter
    • Keep parents up to date on upcoming events and activities for their children.
    • Birthdays, thank-yous, help wanted, etc.
  • Zip Pockets
    • Use these for pencils, etc.
    • Notes, memos to and from parents/teachers
    • Milk/lunch Money
  • Spiral Notebook
    • Provides a permanent record of communication with parents
    • Good for reminders, encouraging notes about student, concerns, etc.

These are just a few of the ways in which to use the OTTER. Some suggestions would be to customize each student's binder by putting their name on it or letting them draw or paint whatever they would like on it. To make it something they like having with them at all times and enjoys showing to their parents every night.

Download PDF's - Book Covers | Calendar sheets