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August 3, 1996

Integrating technology into the classroom is the theme of six programs produced by Apple Computer, Inc. that are scheduled to air on Public Broadcast Services' (PBS) Learning Service Stations throughout the US beginning in September. The Imagine II series was designed to provide educators and parents with an understanding of how technology can enhance both the teaching and learning process.

The good news is, we have reviewed all six 30 minute episodes, and highly recommend them. They provide an eye-opening showcase of the possibilities for computers as teaching tools, and of the resources available on the World Wide Web. The teacher interviews, classroom footage and on-screen examples are all well done. The bad news is while PBS will air the series, your local affiliate may not run it unless you show interest. Contact your local PBS station and cable company to ask them to run the Imagine II series from Apple.

Some of the computers shown may look a little dated to more experienced users, but the only real downfall of this series is how it is being distributed. If the goal is promoting technology in the classroom, Apple should sell or loan out the tapes to interested schools or districts, as well as broadcasting the series as planned. These tapes could be required viewing for computer in-services, or for teachers to check out before firing up their new computer this fall. In any case, ask your station to air them.