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September 30, 1996

A president with no moral character, and a challenger with no substance? Well, at least we can be entertained with the theatrics of it all. No, seriously, get your high school students involved in the electoral process at the NHHS Election Watch '96 Page. You'll find a cool electoral process infographic, some good questions for discussion and a long list of election links. See Yahoo Politics/Elections listings for nearly 300 sites on the election. Other search engines with specific election sites are Infoseek, Webcrawler, Lycos, and Excite (no. 5 on their list - Pat Paulsen for President "Let the young pay the national debt...they still owe us for food and rent"). Then it's on to the Yahoo listing for presidents for a history lesson on who pulled it off well, and who didn't. Who knows; maybe someone you teach will someday lead the country with character and substance.