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October 10, 1996

Plans to provide ready-made school assemblies via the Internet are to be tried out in November via a pilot project designed to provide material to mark the anniversary of the death of Yitzhak Rabin, Prime Minister of Israel, who was assassinated on 4th November last year.

Andrew Burns, UK Ambassador to Israel 1992-1995 comments: "The Hibbert Trust, with its reputation for open-mindedness and sensitivity in matters of religion, is seeking to promote both sympathy for and understanding of a tragic event in the history of the Israeli people."

The scheme is being promoted by the Hibbert Trust, a long-established charity concerned with promoting religious understanding and such values as tolerance and freedom of worship. Material will include suggested text for brief talks, designed at both primary (age 5-11) and secondary (age 12-16+) levels of schooling, prayers and short simple hymns.

The Internet presentation will offer ideas for follow-up discussion on, for example, how it must feel if a close relative is a major public figure and you have to share the funeral and your grief with leaders from all over the world, or how two men, each believing that what they were doing was good, could come into such tragic conflict.

Also included will be background material on other leading humanitarians who have met a violent death.

Ideas for follow-up activities will encourage further exploration of the resources of the world wide web, including the suggestion that schools sign one of the condolence books already available.

"We want to demonstrate the potential of the Internet for spiritual and ethical matters and for education more generally," said Tony Cann CBE, Chairman of the project team.

The web site can be accessed from the 1st October at:

Further information is available from the Project Co-ordinator, Kate Taylor, Tel: 01924 372748, E-Mail: