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Tuesday, June 29, 1999

There are so many software packages on the market today, there is no way we could possibly review them all - at least, not in a timely manner. What we can offer to make your life easier and more organized is today's freebie! Designed for AppleWorks, this lesson plan template is a cheap easy way to plan out your entire schedule one day at a time.

AppleWorks? ClarisWorks is now AppleWorks. Apple® states that the name change reflects their "commitment to keep upgrading this popular application, and to deliver future versions with even greater functionality." If you are a licensed user of ClarisWorks 5.0v1 or 5.0v2 you can download the upgrade for AppleWorks 5.0.3 free through AppleWorks Educators' Resources. Visit even if you don't need the upgrade, because this resource for teachers is loaded with AppleWorks tips, templates and classroom ideas just for you.

Today's freebie file is a template, so for those of you who aren't familiar with the use of templates, read on...

The idea behind a template is that you can use one file as a beginning "base" for a whole series of documents. Because this file has been saved as a template, you don't have to worry about accidentally saving over it. When you open the template, it will create an "untitled" document. Once you begin working on the document, you can then save it, and you will be required to give it a new name and location on your hard drive. This new file can be opened and modified, but the original template will remain the same.

Each field on the template is locked in place, so you don't have to worry about moving words or boxes out of place, and not being able to put them back where they belong. To make changes to the template, Select the object you want to change, unlock it, make the change, then re-lock the modified object. To save your changes as a new template, click on the File menu and drag down to Save As... where you will be asked to name the file. Be sure to select "Stationery" as one of the options, then Save the file. This is now your new template and you can throw away the old one if you don't need it.

Now you can download the template, and have one organized, customized document for each day of the week. Print off as many as you need to fill out by hand, or click in the white text fields on the page to type your information instead. Click on the link below to download. A new window will open - closing that window when the download is complete will return you to this page.

Lesson Plan Template for Macintosh (hqx)

Lesson Plan Template for PC (zip)

Lesson Plan Template for Mac/PC (Acrobat PDF for viewing & printing as is)