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September 1, 1996

Even though some internet applications exist in both free or shareware form as well as a commercial version, there are sound reasons to pay real money for a full-featured program. Such is the case with the latest upgrade of the email client Eudora Pro 3.0 for the Macintosh. If you subscribe to several education mailing lists or simply use email a lot, there are features here to make your life easier.

Although taking up some desktop space, a tool bar lets you assign commonly used menu commands to buttons. It's user-configurable so you can not only assign just the keys you want, but also change the size or graphic display. Integration of Macintosh Drag and Drop speeds moving text blocks among messages, attaching files to messages, or even dragging messages directly to the desktop trashcan. URLs within a message are now true web links so that clicking on one takes you there directly, even opening your browser if necessary. 3.0 also no longer chops messages longer than 32K into several smaller messages, and now supports styled text in messages.

The new Filters window lets you assign up to five different actions to a single message: forward, auto-reply, file in a mailbox, print, or color-code (with eight new Eudora-specific labels in addition to the standard Mac ones. Now you can send all those mailing list messages to different mailboxes easily, and with color-customization of window backgrounds (ours is now set to legal-pad yellow) there actually is less eye-strain reading them all.

Eudora 3.0 is a little less snappy, especially compared to the Lite version, but appears very stable running on one of our lower-end Macs. You'll need to bump up the RAM requirements, but the new features of this major upgrade make it a worthwhile investment. For more information visit the Qualcomm website at