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August 8, 2000
Where the Buffalo Roam

Signup for this project is complete. Participating classrooms will begin posting information here shortly. Check back often!

Since is located in Kansas, what better way to virtually travel the United States than with our two Traveling Buddy Buffaloes, Buffy and Burly! Each is making a separate journey around the U.S. during the 2000-2001 school year. We are looking for 15 classrooms to host Buffy and 15 to host Burly, make a video record of their involvement in classroom activities and visit places of interest in your community, then send them on their way to the next classroom. Teachnet will select classrooms and develop the itinerary and chart their progress on the Teachnet.Com website. If you are interested, read on, then fill out the form on the next page.

What Teachnet Provides:

  • Buffy or Burly
  • An itinerary
  • Tips for shooting your video
  • Checklist
  • A list of schools and addresses (for postcards you will send).
  • Send questions-of-the-week by email for classroom use.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Email Teachnet Arrival Confirmation when Buffy or Burly has arrived at your location.
  • Write a journal entry in email form (in first person from Buffy or Burly's viewpoint) and send to We will be putting these electronic journal entries online to chronicle the travels.
  • Shoot a Video: Expose your visiting buffalo to life in your school and attractions in your community, in order to create a video record of the visit. Teachnet may do minor editing of your video, then put it online to share with other classes. It is your responsibility to check with your school district for their policy regarding videotaping in the classroom, and privacy issues regarding pictures and names of students on websites. Teachnet suggests showing students in group settings, without identifying them by name.
  • Send a postcard to each participating school when you receive your buffalo. There should be approximately 14 schools.
  • Send a weather report weekly by email to Teachnet of the temperature at the end of your school day on Thursday. These reports will go online, and serve as a weekly reminder of the connectedness of all the classrooms participating. The data may also be used in math and science activities of your choosing. You might use an outdoor thermometer, or use Weather.Com to look up the current temperature for your city or zipcode.
  • Use Priority Mail to send the buffalo to the next participating class.

Suggested Classroom Activities

  • Track the travels of the buffalo on a wall map.
  • When you send the buffalo to the next class, include printed materials about your city.
  • Find the latitude and longitude for each participating school. (See The Accomodation Search Engine)
  • Calculate the distance between each participating school as well as total miles traveled by the buffalo. (See Indo.Com)
  • Art activity: Buffalo Storytelling Cloth (scroll down)
  • Art activity: Sandpaper Art
  • Brainstorm ways to preserve the American Buffalo.