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Welcome to Classroom-2-Classroom, a forum to help teachers and their students connect with other classrooms around the world. In addition to exchanges hosted by Teachnet, the forum below allows Teachnet contributors (like, YOU!) to host their own activities, complete with updates and information. Get your class involved today! To post your own exchange, visit our contributors page for instructions.

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Postcard Exchange Postings:

I am working on a postcard exchange. I have 22 states so far with 36 teachers participating. I need help with the other states that I don't have. I am not necessarily trying for all 50 states but would like to have about 60 teachers in this project. If you are from one of the following states and would like to do this project please email me at Thanks!

Here are the states that I need: AK, HI, KY, MN, MT, NE, NM, IA, IN, ME, =
NH, NV, SD, UT, VT, WV, AR, CO, DE, ID, KS, MS, ND, OR, RI, TN, WA, and WY. So if you are willing to send out postcards(around 60) please send
your school address and name/grade to me. If you have any questions regarding this project let me know.

Karen S. Downey
4th grade teacher
Ina Grade School

Hi it's Kristy from Australia again! I still need some help with my
postcard exchange - I have classes sending me postcards from England and New York but need some wider coverage. If you can help me out email me at

All you have to do is write a postcard as a class telling me a bit about
yourselves and where you live, and my year one class will be more than
happy to reply! Semester starts July 24th so I have a bit of time to
organize things, so if you can I'd (we'd) love to hear from you.
Kristy Sumich + Year One


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