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Teaching with the Internet:
In the short time our site has been online, one particular type of question keeps coming in by e-mail. It goes something like: "I'm new to the Internet, and I desperately need help with (fill in the blank with a teaching subject)." If you are just beginning to feel your way around the online world, it can look like a monumental task to find the teaching information you're looking for. Well, a new book landed on our desks recently that is written by teachers, for teachers and gives a good overview of what the Internet can be, and can't be, for educators. Teaching with the Internet: Putting teachers before technology by Douglas R. Steen, Mark R. Roddy, Ph.D, Derek Sheffield and Michael Bryan Stout is published by Resolution Business Press, and they can be reached at on the Web or by e-mail at for more information. The book is easy to digest, and was handy for us to brush up on areas we haven't had much experience in ourselves, like newsgroups. You're sure to see more references to it here in the upcoming weeks.