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Résumé Writing:
Grades 6-12

Overview: If you sense the Web is one big ego trip, it would follow there would be lots of resumes, and resumes there are. So if you need a good computer, business or english class project with real-world applications, or want to turn students loose on a mission on the Web, have them research and write resumes.
Resources: Teacher: none. Student: pencil; paper.
Teacher Preparation: none.
Procedure Ideas:

  • Do a search at Yahoo (or similar) for "resume"; you'll find hundreds of references.
  • This site at Pitt State has excellent information including Important Points to Remember.
  • Listings of actual resumes are everywhere; here are a few.
  • Remember there are plenty of bad examples of resumes on the Web as well. Students could pinpoint problem areas and rewrite with fictitious information.
  • Finally, make use of the computer lab by assigning students to write their own resumes.

Points to Remember: Writing a resume is an excellent way to keep in touch with your strengths. And for teachers, it never hurts to have a current resume on file. You may not need it for a new job, but it can be timely and impressive at evaluation time.