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Take a Road Trip:
Grades 3-6

Objective: Students will incorporate map reading, math, library research skills and writing..
Resources: Teacher: Country or continent road map for each group. Students: paper, pencil, marker.
Teacher Preparation: Locate maps.

  1. Divide class into groups of 4 or 5.
  2. Give each group a road map.
  3. Have each group plan a road trip between two cities on opposite edges of the map, estimating a reasonable distance to travel each day.
  4. Use marker or paper-and-tape flags to show route taken.
  5. The groups should write a daily journal. Based on research, the journal should give an account of the different things they would experience along the way.
  6. Each group gives a presentation of their results to the other groups when the "trips" are completed.

Variations/Options: Use distant countries requiring more research; communicate with another class via Internet where each class takes a trip near their city, describing to the other class what they see and where they go.