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Slur, Ties and Phrases for lower brass instruments
Submitted by: Mrs. Carroll
Grade level:

Students will be able to:
Slur at least two notes on either the trombone or the euphonium. Trombone slurs will be articulated with a ?thoo.?
Explain through words and without words, what a slur is.
Explain through words and without words what a tie is.
Recognize a slur marking and be able to tell the difference between a slur and a tie.

Euphonium OR Trombone, Standard of excellence book one, handout of chalkboard and chalk.

Teacher Preparation:
General knowledge of ties, slurs, phrases. Ability to play a little euphonium and trombone

Opening statement:
Has anyone ever seen one of these in their music before??
draw a curved line.
Have students find examples in their book and name them if possible. May be Slur, Tie, or a phrase marking.
Identify and define a tie. Have students play tied notes in a book or hand out.
Identify and define a slur. Demonstrate slurred and un-slurred notes on euphonium. o Tongued is falling from a tree and hitting branches and leaves on the way down. Slur is falling from a tree but not hitting any branches.
Difference between slur and tie o Looks: slur (different pitches) and tied notes (same pitches).
Have Euphoniums slur by playing long F and then by fingering an Eb quickly, without using any tongue.
Ask trombone to try to slur. (May gliss) Tell them to lightly say ?thoo? instead of ?too? as a tongue. Play back and forth between F and Eb. Have everyone slur F to Eb and back to F.
Ask class what notes are slurred and which is tied on line 2 of the handout. Ask class how they will tongue this. Sing tonguing. Class play line 2 on handouts.
Explain phrase marking, and how it is just like a punctuation mark. A comma or a period. Also means a good place to breathe. o EX: ?My name is Luca. I live on the second floor.? o Like landing on a branch for a moment while falling from a tree, long enough to take a breath and keep falling.
Look at line 3 and 4. o Ask class where the slurs, ties, and phrase marks are. o Ask class how many counts do you hold the tied notes for. o Ask class where to breathe
Go over fingering for B-natural or other new notes.
Sing tonguing for line 4. Play line 4 as a class.
Sing tonguing for line 3. Divide class and have class play lines 3 and 4. Switch.
Ask class? o To define, demonstrate, or point out slurs, phrase markings, and ties. o How do you articulate a slur on a trombone?

Playing and recognising slurs, ties, and phrase markings in band/orchestra music.

Real World Usage:
Modify to use on different instruments