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Links & Resources

Awareness /Self Assessment
Welcome to Coal Tyee's Career Site
Who says they aren't thinking about their future? No need to get too serious about the future yet but this site has lesson plans and a career portfolio to use to start the career development process. Easy; good resource

Discover Careers That Fit
Good information for self-assessment and career research with inventories and career profiles.

The Career Interests Game
From the University of Missouri - Based on the 6 Holland personality styles. This site allows you to match your personality style with careers. Career listings are tied to career information.

Work Preferences Inventory (Missouri)
This inventory enables you to identify vocational interests, personal style and work values. Although there is no scoring or referencing career areas that match the results, the inventory asks good questions and can be administered without computers.

Personality Tests on the WWW
An interesting personality profiler and other tests such as IQ. Try the Sam Loyd puzzles at this site. This place is fun!

Keirsey Temperament Sorter
This site offers an assessment which will tell you about your possible personality type.

Transferable Skills Survey
(University of Minnesota, Duluth). Identifies skills you have that can be transferred to a variety of career fields.

Work Values Inventory
The inventory describes satisfactions that people obtain from their jobs. A good place to start thinking about values and lifestyle wishes.

The Career Key
This interest inventory is linked to the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Arrange for the local Army recruiter to administer this aptitude test at your high school. Encourage all 11th graders to take it. It is free, gives great information about a student's aptitudes and is a nice addition to a portfolio. Recruiters may call, but they just say NO if not interested.

Career Exploration sites - Information for research and discussion

Kids & Careers Website
Surf this site for links, information, and lesson plans.

The School to Career Machine
A complete resource for assessment and career exploration. Different and builds a portfolio for registered users. Includes an inventory for learning styles and multiple intelligences

Academy of Achievement
Great web site with information on people and their careers plus their achievements. Good for research.

Career Exploration Links
Interesting career interest survey that links to career information. Good for assessment and career exploration.

Hot Careers: Inside Advice & Profiles
Get the inside info on the hottest careers. Award-winning research for career research, with real people profiles, compensation info, success requirements and much more. Ask a real person a question about their career.

What type of career would you like?
Military careers and information

Occupational Outlook Handook
The "bible" on careers from the US Department of Labor. Although information is presented in a dry manner, this is one of the best resources for researching careers.

Library of the Workplace
A web site resource for teachers, students, and career counselors. It is designed to demonstrate how concepts and skills taught in the classroom are connected with activities performed in the workplace.

Teaching Economics
Lesson plans and ideas about how to help kids understand economic concepts by grade level.

The Relocation Salary Calculator
"How much do I have to make?"Compare cost of living in different cities.

Reading and reflecting material

Career articles and trends from the Wall Street Journal. Discussion jumping on points.

Guidance in the Workplace
Articles about workplace issues from For discussion, independent reading, or research.

Career Magazine
Articles to use for embedding careers and the workplace into your curriculum. Also a place to find jobs.

Employment Trends
Growth, trends and future information on employment from the Department of Labor.

General sites with career development stuff to buy
Academic Innovations
A complete career development curriculum that is perfect for embedding careers in an English curriculum or career development course. There is also a lifestyle math curriculum. Good supplement resources.

Career Lifeskills Board Games for elementary
Teaches skills needed in the workplace as well as school.

Career Lifeskills Board Games
for 6th grade to adult focusing on workplace skills.

Education Associates
Specialize in hands-on career material for K – Adult

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