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Reindeer Research:
Grades 3-6

Objective: Students will use research and writing skills.
Resources: Teacher: none. Student: pencil, paper.
Teacher Preparation: none.

  1. Ask students for information on what they know about reindeer.
  2. Go to library to research reindeer, looking for information on where they live, what purpose they serve to humans, what the history is regarding their Christmas significance.
  3. Students write a short fiction story about a reindeer, using information from research.

Variations/Options: Research to see if any other instances occur in history of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer; have students brainstorm ideas to really make reindeer fly (wings, jet packs, etc.) then draw their inventions; estimate how many total gifts might be needed for your town or city, then estimate how many reindeer might be needed to pull the sleigh.