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Physics 12:
Grades 9-12

Submitted by Kenneth Kuhn

To show the application of ideas regarding friction, energy, stopping distance for cars, circular motion etc., contact your police department and have them do some preparation and on site measurements at their crash test facility.

In our case we contacted the RCMP and they did the appropriate paper work to release some of their officers specializing in automobile accident testing. They spent one afternoon with one of our teachers to bring him up to speed. Then one of their officers spent two hours of in class preparation with a class of 35 Physics 12 students. This was followed by a full day at the test facility at which the students did on sight crash simulations with measurements etc. There was newspaper and T.V. coverage so the police department and ourselves got some positive public exposure in the press. There were many positive outcomes to the teachers involved, the police and most importantly the students. A $5.00 fee for the course was used to cover substitute teacher and transportation costs. One of the two teachers took a few extra classes so that the other member of the team could do the appropriate telephone and paper work. Additional information regarding the details of the student tasks, measurements etc. could be made available on request.