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Blank Bingo Cards


Objective: Fill in our blank template with whatever you need. Choose vocabulary words/definitions, math problems/answers, foreign language words, elements (periodic table), your choice! Perfect for a wide variety of ages.


  1. Print the free PDF file, glue to construction paper, laminate, and trim.
  2. Write color names on individual pieces of paper to shuffle or draw from a hat. Alternatively, print an extra game board and cut the squares apart to use for shuffling or other method of random selection.
  3. Use checkers, dry erase markers, or anything on hand to mark "called" colors.

Procedure: Teacher shuffles the colors then randomly selects one. Call out the color name and students put markers on colors one color at a time. When four in a row, vertically or horizontally, are connected, student calls out "Rainbow". Clear game boards and start over.


  1. Match four corners only.
  2. Match perimeter only (postage stamp).
  3. Remove the "FREE" star by covering it with white-out prior to copying blanks.

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