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Updated September 14, 1999  READER FEEDBACK

Tamora Walker: The biggest downside to the AlphaSmart is downloading. It isn't very practical to download 30 sets of data onto one classroom computer. If you have several computers at your disposal that helps, but then why not just put students on those computers? We do use the AlphaSmarts in our school, but I would advise anyone to put the money toward full computers instead. -Tamora

C. Evans: Most of us have a serious shortage of SPACE in our classrooms. The alpha-smarts take up little room and there is less to go wrong as far as computer glitches. They are also easily transported (shared) from class to class. We were able to benefit from several of the boards in my foreign language class-- yes, you can do accents, etc.. The students really enjoyed them for long term assignments as well as short essays (usually partners). Our school invested in cables that remain attached to the downloading computers and, with quick instruction, students usually downloaded to ONE file. We then corrected these together using our pc to tv screen connection. -C. Evans

Maribeth Andolina, 2nd grade: Oh my gosh! I absolutely love the AlphaSmarts. I have 15 in my classroom, and would love more. We have the AlphaSmart Pro, and I can't say enough wonderful things about this awesome device! 5th grade son uses it, too, loves it!!!

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