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November 27, 2000  PRODUCT REVIEW

OK, I would be the first to admit that the whole line of Palm gadgets may, for teachers, fall somewhere between "too much money" and "oh no, not another learning curve". But just consider the possibilities: store your grades, keep your parents' names and contact info , put every meeting from here til summer in get the idea. Wouldn't it be great to log onto a website each morning and download the latest information you need from the office? Who's sick, what's new, and when is the next meeting. But enough about the Palms themselves...

I wish I had a nickel for every time someone watched me get mine out and start writing, only to hear "you mean you had to learn their way of writing? I'd never do that." Not only is learning "Graffiti," as it's called, easy, but it works pretty well. But, it's slow if you're entering more than a sentence, and those tiny on-screen keyboard alternatives are like typing with one finger.

So, imagine plugging your Palm into a physical keyboard. LandWare's GoType keyboard simply flips open to accept your Palm device. We like its slightly smaller size. Even though typing is slightly cramped, this is an acceptable tradeoff for portability. And the rigid, lightweight clamshell design flips open easily for "lap typing", giving it the edge over foldable "accordian" units which are more suitable for tabletop use only.

The GoType! keyboard features programmable F-keys and allows hotsyncing and charging right from the unit. There are separately designed models for both the Palm III and Palm V (but the new Palm M100 model is not supported, yet).

If you own a Palm device and need to enter more data than is comfortable with Graffiti, you need to consider the Landware GoType keyboard. A full-size keyboard might be faster, but then, it would be connected to a full-size computer as well. You could type a novel with this thing, and easily lug it in a purse or even a coat pocket.

Landware GoType Keyboard for Palm III, Palm V, Palm VII or Handspring Visor ($69.95) and Casio handheld PCs ($79.95). Size varies depending on which compatible PC you order for: approximately 10" x 4" x 1". Weight: 11 oz (approx.) Learn more or order now from Landware's website.

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